My love for photography was born out of a family trip to Upstate New York.  I borrowed one of my father's old cameras on a whim, and that wonderful box of mirror and sensors hasn't left my hands since.  Quickly, I learned a few very important things: there are no bad shot ideas, hard drive space is cheap, and batteries should always be charged.  You never know when a great shot is going to pass in front of you, so you better be ready.

After a college career exploring Boston, studying history, and indulging many other curiosities, I found that photography was the best avenue to combine my two main interests: exploring new locales and meeting new people with interesting stories to tell.  I love documenting the things people do, and why they do them.  For me, photography is the best way to explore that.  I am ALWAYS photographing, but most importantly, I am ALWAYS learning. 

I love living life to its fullest, and I want that to come through my photography.  You can find me in Los Angeles and New York City, and you can send me anywhere in the world.

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